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Wildwood to open Makerspace in 2021/22!

Hello Everyone;

As I sit in the Ruins, watching Wildwood kids do (complain about) yoga on a beautiful June morning, I'm reminded of what a beautiful place we live in. As we've gone back into person, this has been, without a doubt, the best that Wildwood has ever felt. I look forward to coming to the school every morning and the energy and vibe is so positive and infectious. The staff we have is truly amazing.

I find myself melancholy that the school year is ending in two weeks. It's going to get real boring. The good news is that the start of 2021/22 is just around the corner.

To that end, one of my projects throughout the summer is opening up the Wildwood Makerspace - a creative space for kids to tap into their inner artist, videographer, sound engineer, DJ, scientist, style guru, or maybe just a place to chill out. It's going to be located in the lower floor of Wildwood and will have an art studio, style lab (a place to sew and create jewelry), multi-media studio for video and sound editing and even include turntables for aspiring DJ's, and a STEM lab complete with 3-D printers and science equipment.

The plan is to have the Makerspace open after school until 6pm so kids have a place to go once school ends and working parents won't feel the stress to pick-up immediately at 3:15pm. Parents are definitely encouraged to participate and teach workshops and even utilize the Makerspace.

We'll be in touch with more specifics and pictures as the space is built out. For now, here are a few photos of the "before" pictures.

Take care and please reach out with any questions

Dr. J

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