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Louisiana Trip - 2024

This trip is optional and not included in tuition.

Expected Dates: Spring break of 2024.

Attendees: 7th and 8th graders and select Wildwood alumni.

Minimum # of attendees: 8

Maximum # of attendees: 12

Anticipated Cost: $4,000.00 - $4,500.00

Location: Louisiana

Lead Guides: TBD.

This trip is still being designed. It will be held during spring break of 2024. The first 4 days of the trip will be spent exploring New Orleans. Wildwood educators will provide a rich and comprehensive curriculum on the history of Louisiana and how it plays into American history, architecture, science, and current events that are shaping the region. We'll sample an amazing array of food, embark on ghost tours of New Orleans cemeteries, listen to jazz, take in Congo Square, and so much more that this rich and diverse city has to offer.

Next, we'll head out in the Bayou to camp and explore the topography of Louisiana. Students will kayak, hike, fish, and explore this amazing and rich biodiversity area while engaging in meaningful and inspiring academic lessons each day.

Please contact Chris Moon at for further details.

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