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Field Trips - Spirit Week - Wind Turbines

OMSI Field Trip - TOMORROW! (Thursday, 1/24)

Wildwood is headed to OMSI tomorrow to view the King Tut exhibit and the IMAX movie, 'Secrets of the Pharaohs'. We will depart at 8:30 sharp and return by the end of the day. NO changes to pick-up times. Students need a sack lunch, snack, water bottle, and comfortable shoes.

Spirit week is NEXT WEEK! Show your Wildwood LOVE!

Monday - 1/28: PJ Day/Onesie

Tuesday - 1/29: Crazy hair/hat

Wednesday - 1/30: Dress like a pun

Thursday - 1/31: Casual day


The Wind Challenge is a hands-on program that fuels student interest in science, technology and wind energy! Working in teams of 3-6, students build a wind turbine and put it to the test! The event is scheduled for March 16 and is FREE to all participants. Wildwood is looking to send 2 teams. If your student is interested and available, please email Mrs. H. no later than Monday, January 28.

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