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Christopher Moon

Director of Programming and Literary Art Lead.

After spending a year abroad in Munich, Germany and completing his B.A. in International Affairs at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, Chris returned to Central Oregon to work at a kayak shop and reconnect with his love for the outdoors. While backpacking, kayaking, and biking for fun, and ski instructing, swim coaching, and river guiding for work, Chris realized how rewarding it is to challenge and motivate young people towards remarkable goals. So, he transitioned into the Master of Arts in Teaching program at OSU Cascades. Having worked with young people in and out of the classroom for 8 years now, he has spent most of his teaching time in small school settings where he can focus on fostering a deep sense of curiosity in his students.

These opportunities have also led to a diverse set of teaching experiences. From AP Economics to 6th grade science, from world history to sustainable natural resources, Chris has navigated dynamic learning environments throughout his career. During this time, he quickly came to understand the value of getting students outside, integrating subject areas, and embedding the learning environment with room for curious problem solving and the intrinsic feeling of success. Today his continued enthusiasm for this work is rooted in empowering students to explore the world for themselves and to be the source of change that they hope to see.

Christopher Moon
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