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Cynthia Caudill

Math Lead

Cynthia is a native Oregonian, growing up in Oregon City, and spent the past 22 years in Hood River with her husband and kids. She has taught every grade from K-8 over the past 20 years as a classroom teacher, teaching artist, private teacher, and tutor. Cynthia started her career teaching in Portland for three years before moving to Hood River and becoming the 5th-grade teacher at St. Mary's Academy in The Dalles. After taking time off to raise her family, she returned to education as a teaching artist with Arts and Education of the Gorge and a private tutor for students with dyslexia. Cynthia joined the staff at New Vision School in 2014 as the math teacher, teaching grades K-7 in multi-age classrooms.

Cynthia's goal as Wildwood's math teacher is to empower students to ask questions, think logically, use reasoning skills, make deductions, and present strategies in multiple ways. She will blend exploratory and traditional methods of learning math. Students will use math as a tool to help explore and interpret their world and to understand that math has a place in their world outside of the classroom.

Cynthia is excited to share her love of learning and problem-solving at Wildwood Academy. She enjoys incorporating art and music into her teaching and finding ways to add creativity to her lessons. She is fascinated by how each student learns differently and strives to help each learner find the confidence to discover their potential and passion.

Cynthia Caudill
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