In 5th grade, the emphasis is on developing more advanced reading skills and the ability to thoroughly absorb the written material.  The students will have both assigned material and material of their choosing to provide a certain level of autonomy and self-interest. They will work autonomously, in small groups, and in a class setting. Most assigned books are thematic in nature and some will tie in with Communities and Culture curriculum.

Our fifth graders will also focus on the foundations of writing.  They will learn to outline, draft, edit, revise, and publish their own work.  Emphasis is especially given to the craft of revision and it's importance to proper writing ability. In addition, their vocabulary skills are constantly increased through daily words and even class spelling-bees. Intermediate technical aspects of writing will be introduced.

Our students will learn the differences between fiction, non-fiction, essays, research, editorials, journalistic work, short-stories, and poetry.

Students will learn to present their writing to their peers and instructors and receive constructive feedback for improvement and develop the ability to take feedback in a positive manner.