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Wildwood Literary Arts Program

The Literary Arts program takes on a special meaning at Wildwood. At the end of each year, we publish the Wildwood Compass - a collection of the best literary and creative works from Wildwood students throughout the year.

Our Literary Arts program meets, and exceeds, all Common Core standards.

​Our curriculum is largely theme-based as students will focus on specific subjects.  Repetition is also very important to build and refine skill sets. Students will immerse themselves in  texts from multiple genres including fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, and essays. Each work in class is chosen on a subjective basis to highlight different viewpoints from various authors and cultures.

Wildwood students will create various works including essays, short-stories, poetry, research papers, fiction, and non-fiction. They will learn, and refine, technical skills as well as improve the writing process from draft to final product with revisions done throughout. 

Spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and typing skills will be re-enforced throughout the year as well as presentations and public speaking.

By the end of eighth grade, Wildwood students will have developed proficiency in the following:

  • Continue to develop creative skills.

  • Develop executive and time management ability.

  • Site evidence and refine debating skills in verbal and written form.

  • Developed a deeper vocabulary and understanding of grammatical rules.

  • Produced dozens of works including short-stories, memoirs, research papers, poetry, and novels.

  • Advanced understanding of the difference between expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive, as well as other forms of writing (such as creative writing or memoirs).

  • Develop a sense of ownership for their own education and pride in their work.

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